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For immediate release - September 15, 2005 - OTTAWA –
Thomson Nielsen Electronics Ltd., Ottawa, Canada, is pleased to announce the sale of the company to Best Medical Canada Ltd. of Ottawa.  Best Medical Canada is an affiliate of Best Medical International, Inc., Springfield, Virginia.  Best Medical is founded and owned by Krishnan Suthanthiran.  He recently purchased the entire town of Kitsault, British Columbia, Canada; ATV Productions Ltd., Vancouver, Canada; and CNMC Company, Nashville, Tennessee.

The purchase of Thomson Nielsen by Best Medical Canada forms a strategic alliance that will be of great benefit to both companies.  "The Thomson Nielsen team is proud to become part of the Best family of companies," said Ian Thomson, President and co-founder of Thomson Nielsen. "Our joining forces with companies such as Best and CNMC will give radiation therapy professionals a single, efficient source for all their needs."

Mr. Suthanthiran, who has strong ties to Canada, saw a real symmetry between Best Medical and Thomson Nielsen.  "The combined expertise of these companies, and others that have recently become part of Best Medical, will provide for greater overall development, manufacturing and sales capabilities, offering a more complete and cohesive approach to the medical community in the fight against cancer."

Dr. Joanna Cygler, Medical Physicist with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Center, sees the inherent value in this partnership.  "As a Medical Physicist in a busy cancer center who meets difficult challenges on a daily basis, I'm pleased to see companies combining together to provide medical devices for the enhancement of patient care," said Cygler. "I have had the privilege to work with Thomson Nielsen, CNMC and Best Medical, and know that a team with these companies will be of great benefit to the medical community."

Thomson Nielsen designs, manufactures and sells medical devices for the measurement of radiation in clinical environments.  This equipment is used principally in the treatment of cancer.  Cancer centers worldwide use this advanced technology to verify radiation dose levels in their patients.  Thomson Nielsen also produces equipment for the measurement of radiation in space.

The Thomson Nielsen venture, coupled with Best Medical's other acquisitions, brings together some of the most innovative teams in the industry to continue developing groundbreaking products to help in the fight against cancer.  "I know that this is Mr. Suthanthiran's dream, and we are poised to help fulfill it," said Thomson.

Thomson Nielsen will continue to manufacture and distribute products from their manufacturing facility in Ottawa, with the benefit of additional staff, hired as a result of the Best purchase.  Thomson Nielsen will also be able to draw on the resources and knowledge of Best offices in Toronto and Vancouver.

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Thomson Nielsen (Ottawa, Ontario)
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