TeamBest Management

Manny Subramanian, Ph.D.
Head of Global R & D, Brachytherapy and Particle Therapy

  • Started with Best Medical International (BMI) in September 1998
  • Post Doctoral Training Fellowships at University of Notre Dame, Indiana and UC Davis
  • Former President, Council on Ionizing Measurements and Radiation (CIRMS)
  • Former Head of Radiopharmaceutical Division, Akzo Nobel/Organon
  • 15+ years of experience in Phase I/II/III Clinical Trials/Product Registrations
  • Several Publications (peer reviewed journals) and Patents


Ruth Sharp Bergin
Senior Vice President & General Counsel

  • 28+ years Corporate Counsel and Business Executive for all TeamBest Global companies
  • Virginia Licensed Practicing Attorney 36+ years
  • Prior Head of Litigation at a Private Law Firm
  • Prior Employment: Law Advisory Board, Virginia State Bar


Peter Gaccione
Senior Business Advisor

  • 40+ years in Radiation Oncology, Imaging, and Cancer Care
  • Started with Best Medical International (BMI) in October 2021
  • Former president of Cardio-Oncology startup company
  • Former President of Elekta Inc. and EVP (Executive Vice President), North & South America; employed with Elekta for 23 years, member of Executive Board
  • 15 years at Siemens Medical Systems (oncology business), in various roles such as Head of Product Management, and Director Oncology Sales and Marketing RNA
  • Previously worked at Clara Maass Hospital, NJ as Head of Bio-Medical Engineering


Andrei Ciresianu
Director of Radiation Oncology Solutions

  • 35+ years in mechanical engineering field
  • 26+ years of experience in design of medical devices
  • Started with Best Theratronics in 2008
  • Director of Engineering since 2010
  • Master’s degree in mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania


Vasile Sabaiduc, Dpil. Eng.
Director of Cyclotron Solutions

  • 40 years experience in Accelerator Technologies for Research & Commercial applications, including 25 years in Cyclotron applications for Medical Radioisotope Production
  • Started with Best Theratronics Ltd., Cyclotron Development Division in 2009
  • Previously worked with Advanced Cyclotron Systems for 15 years as Radiofrequency Engineer and in Project Management, Richmond, Canada
  • Scientific Associate Proton Accelerator Division for 2 years, CERN, Switzerland
  • Research & Engineering: 8 years experience at the Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Accelerator Division, Bucharest, Romania


Tom Rowden
Director of Oncology Software & Imaging

  • 25+ years combined with NOMOS/TeamBest
  • Operational Manager for Best NOMOS
  • Clinical Expertise in all Treatment Planning Protocols
  • Early development involvement in IMRT / IGRT / IMRS
  • Involved development of the original serial tomotherapy delivery and treatment planning system


Tom Kraus
Director of Radiation Dosimetry & Quality Assurance

  • 17 years with TeamBest
  • Operational Manager for Best Dosimetry Services
  • CNMC acquired by Best Medical
  • 40+ years in radiation measurement instrumentation
  • Member of Health Physics Society
  • Radiation Safety Officer
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