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For Breast & Prostate Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

For more than 45 years, Best Medical has provided the medical community with the highest quality products and unparalleled customer service.  Founded in 1977 by Krishnan Suthanthiran, Best Medical International is located in Springfield, Virginia, USA.  The goal for Krishnan and the other dedicated professionals at Best is to continue to work with medical professionals to provide the very best products and services.  As a leader in innovative technology, Best Medical's mission is to uphold its reputation for excellence in the healthcare field by developing, manufacturing and delivering cost-effective, high quality products to benefit patients around the world.

Best Medical manufactures Best™ Iodine-125, Best™ Palladium-103, Iridium-192 and Gold-198 seeds, along with HDR accessories, fiducial markers, Best™ Brachytherapy Kit and other products.  Seeds are available either loose or loaded in cartridges, needles or strands, and are available sterile or non-sterile.  Best Medical can make catheters, needles, templates and applicators to meet your special needs.

Best is expanding its product portfolio to include a full line of brachytherapy and radiation therapy devices and accessories, including the Beta-Cath™ system for intravascular applications.  For further details, please contact us at 800-336-4970 or 703-451-2378.

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